Date: Fri 11 Jun 2021

Oxted Gasholder redevelopment update

With the first residents moving in last week, we thought this timeline from St William for the remaining works might be of interest:

• First residents moved into Atkinson House (Block A) last week and will continue to move in throughout June.

• There will be a decrease in construction traffic arriving through the gates at Nursery Way now Eden Place (resident traffic will however increase). The majority of Construction Traffic will now enter via the Johnsdale entrance which will be managed by St William.

• The crane will be dismantled and removed by the end of July.

• Once the crane is down, there will be highway works scheduled either side of the Eden Place entrance. This will involve traffic management/temporary traffic lights for a 2 week period.

• Suspension bays on the high street are currently permitted until end of July. It is unlikely they will be extended after this date.

• Saturday work will continue, no noise work after 1pm although staff may be on site until 4pm.

• Beecham House (Block B) should be completed by August and it is anticipated that residents for this block will move in from September 2021.

• Hardwick House (Block C) should be finished by November and it is anticipated that completions will commence from January 22.

St William construction team are planning to vacate Courtyard Gardens by the end of the year (so long as they do not experience setbacks). St William will maintain an onsite presence until customer occupations are completed